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Henry Clegg, Sr.,  2nd person in the            John Griffiths married                 Sarah Ann Keddington Austin       William Keddington was 2nd
race to the River Ribble, July 1837.             Elizabeth Webb.  After               is daughter of Elizabeth Webb       husband to Elizabeth Webb
Henry Clegg, Jr. married Margaret              John's death she married             and William Keddington.               and father of Sarah Ann.
Ann Griffiths, daughter of John Griffiths.       William Keddington.


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About London Participants: Martin Handcart Company - John Griffiths Family
Item 6:
 John Griffiths was one of the 6 branch presidents focused on in this detailed account of their participation as members
of the Martin Handcart Company.  It gives a good outline of each family, their history, cultural background and conversion to
the Church.   It portrays John Griffiths as a sucessful engineer/boiler maker,  priesthood leader and missionary who had great
respect from his superiors in the church heiarchy.  It is a good document to review for those wanting to research the origins of
the Henry Clegg and Margaret Ann Griffiths Clegg ancestry.  Further it provides amples evidence of John's marriage to his
second wife, Elizabeth Webb. For a table of contents of this document click HERE.  For the segment of the report that relates
to the London saints click HERE. It is 30 pages and 1.8  MB.  You can also find the complete document  download with an
Internet search and it is 230 pages in length and 6.6 MB.

Comments from Ronald G. Watt, Descendant of George D. Watt, First British Convert
Item 5:
 An interesting account of the life of George D. Watt, first man baptized in England and winner of the "race to the River
Ribble",  is given in a document authored by his descendant Ronald G. Watt.  It can be found with an Internet search.  The title of
this report is "The Mormon Passage of George D. Watt: First British Convert, Scribe for Zion.".  The only reference to the man
coming in 2nd place at the 'race to the River Ribble' is on page 21, footnote 63 which states:
            63. Kimball, Autobiography, p. 105. The identity of the other man who ran the race is not
            known. It probably was Charles Miller since he was the second person baptized. The
            Clegg family has a tradition that it was Henry Clegg Sr. If so this seems odd because
            Clegg was not baptized for several months after that. See Garth N. Jones, “Who Came in
            Second?” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 21 (Summer 1988): 149–54.

However, a careful reading of Garth N. Jones' article does not lead one to  concur with the conclusion given in the above note.

Commentary of Clegg families coming to Utah from England
Item 4:
   There is a wonderful document available for download from FamilySearch called "Valiant Forefathers -  of Orson
Maurice Miller, Yvonne Cummings Watson Miller, Robert Simpson Watson - Researched and Written by Maurice and
Yvonne Miller, November 14, 1988" which includes much history of the Clegg line including a great deal of commentary on
Henry Clegg, Jr.  his three wives and family members. It includes stories of the Martin Handcart episode and many more.  The
Cummings line dealt with in the report are descendants from  Henry Clegg, Jr. and Margaret Ann Griffiths Clegg.  Their
daughter Hannah Mary Clegg, b. 22 March 1887, Springville, UT married Elisha Jones Cummings.  This outstanding  document
is 595 pages long and is a164 MB file - so be warned when you go to downoad  it.  Fortunately,  it can be word searched.
Available HERE is a download of 16 pages from the above which is representative of the balance of the document.
Note:  [Added 14 November 2012]   Another segment of this history is available HERE.  This segment is 20 pages in length
and is about 2MB in size.  It contains some additional insights into the 'River Ribble baptism' story and an interesting account
the brethren wanting to amputate Margaret Ann Griffiths legs due to the frozen flesh resulting from the Martin Handcart trek.
She enlisted Henry Clegg to convince the brethern not to do so, which he did so and later took Margaret Ann as his plural wife.

More on the Race to the River Ribble
Item 3:
  "Who Came in Second?" is a well documented  account of the first baptisms performed in England on July 31, 1837.
A few years ago the husband of a Henry Clegg descedant, Garth N. Jones, wrote this article for Dialogue: A Journal of
Mormon Thought, Vol. 21, No. 2, Summer 1988.  It is also a very comprehensive treatment of the historical background and
family tridition.  It can be found HERE and HERE and HERE (page 175)  for your convenience.  See Item 1 below.  The Dialogue
article as published in the Summer 1988  stands as one of the most notable accounts of the 'race to the river'.

The Life of Elizabeth Webb Griffiths Keddington, Second Wife of John Griffiths

Item 2:  The 1856 tragedy of the Martin Handcart Company is well known.  John Griffiths had married,  shortly after the
death of his first wife Margeret Griffiths, a second wife by the name of Elizabeth Webb.   She became a widow upon
arrival in Salt Lake City on December 1, 1856 due to the death of John Griffiths.  While she was stepmother of the two daughters,
Margaret Ann and Jane Eleanor, she had little way to care for them.  Through the years the Clegg and Fullmer families have
desired to learn more about this Elizabeth Webb Griffiths and her second family.  Click  HERE.  to download a history which
contains a great deal about her.   The file is titled: "The family of Thomas Austin: born 1811 in Manchester, Lancashire, England"
by Butcher, Daniel Thomas.  The file is 3.6 MB and 58 pages. George Austin, descendant of said Thomas Austin, married
Elizabeth Webb Griffiths Keddington's daughter Sarah Ann Keddington - pictured above. More about Elizabeth Webb and
her life in Utah is found on www.clegghistory.org.

On the Race to the River Ribble
Item 1:  The story goes that Henry Clegg, Sr. was the second man baptized in the UK, July 30 1837 in the River Ribble near Preston,
England.  But, there is some controversy about the Clegg family traditional version of the story.  The history mentioned herein contains
an account of the author, Reed Luke Clegg, meeting with a descendant of the first man baptized, George D. Watt,  along with Noal
Newbold, author of "Handcart Saint", the story of Margaret Ann Griffiths who married Henry Clegg, Jr., and the outcome of
that encounter. (Found on page 17 of the herein mentioned document).  This Watt descendant who was working in the  Historical
Department said that  "he now concludes that our Clegg version may be correct".  This may be an account not well known because this history has not been widely distributed but is now available on  FamilySearch. This document may be downloaded  HERE  also.  
"My Clegg ancestors & my earliy years" by Clegg, Reed L. (Reed Luke), 1918 -  is the name of the document. Pages 13 thru 18 deals
with the race to River Ribble.  The file is 15MB and is 276 pages.  There are other documents discussing the race and Henry Clegg, Sr.
coming in second.  Please refer to www.clegghistory.org  where you can search for the related papers.

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