(Updated - February 2012)
Cleggsan, Independent Consultant
(Concentrating on Technology and International business)


*     Over 46 years experience in various electronics fields.  
*     Deep understanding of product development cycle for world markets.
*     Keen awareness of costs, technology, marketing and service requirements.
*     Aid in launching new products and services.

Services Available:
*     Marketing and Management Consultation 
*     International Business Consultation and assistance
*     OEM suppliers and contract manufacturing arrangement
*     International  Market analysis and Consultation
*     Market Research, technology transfer and licensing, Patent negotiation
*     Merger & Acquisition; Finder, Due Diligence, etc.

          *     Confidential;  but mostly in Japan and Europe

Email:  Cleggsan@ieee.org
Tel:       +1 678 778 6331


Cleggsan has been an independent consultant for the past 20 years specializing in international
technology as it relates to consumer electronics, broadcasting, digital audio,  data compression

and related fields.  Primary focus is on assessing future technology, trends and product design.
He can advise, recommend and evaluate your corporate  resource allocations, especially
engineering and R & D activities, assist with strategic partnerships,  managed  buyouts or
business combination and due diligence.

Cleggsan is a pioneer in digital audio and one of the first to encourage digital recording in
the music entertainment field. He is an early experimenter with optical disc recording and
was instrumental in the development of the first wave of Compact Disc music industry which
was introduced to the world in 1982.  He arranged for the first Telarc recordings to be pressed by
the Matushita/Panasonic CD factory in Kadoma, Japan. He represented Matsushita at the Billboard
Awards (1983?)  presentation for excellence in digital recording where the DASH professional
recording system was chosen.    He worked for the revolution of digital video
compression for
optical disc implementation  which eventually resulted in introduction of the DVD.  He was also
directly involved in patent and licensing negotiations with Philips, Sony, Nimbus and others.

Several collaborative projects for development of such technologies as digital Karaoke
(utilizing Csound and other types of synthesis and signal processing), early CD production,
automatic music composition, multimedia musical productions and digital video processing
were conducted in cooperation with MIT, Georgia Tech and Rutgers University.  Over 50
market research projects were sponsored at Rutgers University on behalf of Matsushita
and Denon America.  Assisted in preparing private offerings for merger and acquisition
of CD production plant, recording companies, retail distribution company and others.

Independent consultant these past 20 years.  Based in Atlanta, GA, NJ and UT.
Traveled to Japan over 100 times; UK over 30 times.  Countries visited in discharging
consulting and advisory duties:  Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Finland,
France, Netherlands (Amsterdam/Eindhoven), Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary,
Canada, Brazil, Korea, Portugal, Greece (Athens).

Cleggsan is a graduate of the University of North Dakota, Illinois State University and
additional studies at BYU, Bradley University, Miami University (Ohio), UM/Kansas
City and others.

BSEE from University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, 1969.
MBA from Illinois State University, Normal/Bloomington, Illinois, 1974.
Diploma from DeVry Technical Institute.

He has taught courses at Illinois Central College (head of Electronics
Engineering Technology Department) and Rutgers University Graduate School of
Management (Executive MBA program in Interfunctional Management).  

Cleggsan is past chairman of the RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data Systems) a joint committee
of the CEA (previously EIA) and NAB; also past international chairman of the IEC TC100
on Audio, Video and Audio/Visual  engineering standard setting committee based in
Geneva, Switzerland.

Previous employment includes Matsushita Electric (Panasonic) ,  Nippon Columbia Co.,
Ltd. (Denon), GE (Decatur, IL), Sylvania and General  Dynamics (Rochester, NY,
Stromberg Carlson Division).  Further details upon request.

Life Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society and Life Senior Member of the IEEE
and member of the IEEE  Consumer Electronics Society where previously he was
active on several committees.  

Most recently he was a presenter at the ICCE (International Conference on Consumer
Electronics), January 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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